Tax Firm Clients are Demanding Value!

Gaining and maintaining accounting clients is about to become more challenging! CPATrendlines polled CPA firms on July 11th, 2011 and found that 85% say they will be continuing to step up marketing in the coming 12 months. Howard Financial & Wealth Management has helped several tax firms in Bakersfield add value, strengthen relationships, and best of all…


"Taxing Away Your Wealth" is a complimentary report we provide to our tax professionals to help boost their revenue without raising rates. Give us 15 minutes and we'll show you this easy referral strategy!

We can also discuss how your firm can…

  • Leverage call-to-action marketing to increase your marketing campaign ROI
  • Create the value clients (and their referrals) are looking for
  • Use referral techniques that actually work
  • Develop a process that will cement relationships and generate additional firm revenues
  • Utilize strategies to put a permanent wedge in their current tax professional relationship
  • If you are open for ideas that we have personally utilized to TRIPLE our client acquisition and firm revenues, fill out the form.

    Just for responding, our staff will send you 5 copies of "Taxing Away Your Wealth" to share with your top clients and the referral of their choice.

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